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Sourdough bread

The daily bread which goes well with every meal, rustic with character.


It is made with live fermented cultures which act as a natural raising agent. The sourdough starter has to be “fed” every morning with water and flour in order not to die. Then, it has to rest for three hours before being used or put in the fridge for a maximum of 24 hours before feeding it again, otherwise it becomes acidic. Fun fact: la Boulangerie Robuchon has been using the same sourdough starter since its opening two years ago, feeding it every morning even during lockdown when the bakery was closed.

Once the dough is baked, it is left to rest in baskets for 24 hours in order to develop its sourdough aroma. This is what gives it this unique rustic taste with a crispy crust and an airy crumb.


  • Sourdough starter (wheat flour + water)
  • T80 Label Rouge stone-ground flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • A dash of yeast

Contains gluten. May contain traces of nuts.


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