Business is closed from the 22nd of July to the 5th of August. We wish you a great summer!

How we work

With people being increasingly cautious about the origin, production mode and environmental footprint of their meals, it is important for us to be transparent with you and have an irreproachable corporate social responsibility.

At every step of the way, we do our best to provide the best quality of service while respecting the environment. Here are some characteristics about the way we work.



Bespoke website

The website is just like our products, entirely handcrafted. We designed the ordering process and delivery system ourselves, for and around bakery products, for it to be the easiest and the most convenient for you. It is constantly evolving, so don’t hesitate to give us feedback or ideas!



No waste

We implemented a cut-off time to order at 10am the day preceding delivery for la Boulangerie Robuchon to produce the exact amount of products that we will deliver the day after, in order to avoid any waste. This is the latest we can do because of the time that the bakers need to bake all the products.




If you have a recurring order with the drop-off option, we drop your order in front of your door in one of our waterproof Blutobags, especially designed to ensure your products stay fresh and safe until you pick it up.



Electric van

We deliver you thanks to our lovely Blutomobile, which runs on electricity.

Logo for Bluto

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