Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We have provided below some explanations to things you might be asking yourself. If you can't find your answer here, don't hesitate to contact us.

How are products packed?

Our products are packed in paper to protect against humidity. And with every new recurring order comes a complimentary waterproof reusable bread bag.

Where do you deliver?

Bluto is a young business and is operating in the following postcodes: W2, W6, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W14, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW10. We are doing our best to expand as fast as possible so even if you are not in our delivery area, you can still create an account and sign up to be notified as we expand.

How much is the delivery fee?

We charge a fixed delivery fee of £1.10 for each order, with no minimum basket, wherever your address is located in the zone.

What happens if I forget to leave my Blutobag in front of my door ?

We want to establish a trustworthy relationship with you. If you forget to leave your Blutobag outside, don’t worry. We will leave your order in a new Blutobag. Next time we will simply ask you to leave the extra bag in the original one so we can avoid any digital and lengthy procedures.

Will my bread be safe outside?

We understand that there are many reasons why you may not be comfortable with the idea of having your bread left at your door. But rest assured; first, our Blutobags will preserve your products as mentioned above; second, we recommend you choose the right time slot so your order will not be outside for too long. Also don’t hesitate to give us precise instructions in the address section about where to leave your order in the safest place. Finally, we still have the hand-to-hand option!

What happens if my bread gets stolen?

Contact us at contact@bluto.co.uk and we will do our best to address the issue. In the event of a confirmed theft, Bluto will try its best to help the customer with a refund or indemnisation.

How do you comply with COVID-19 rules?

All of our staff will be wearing protective equipment (gloves and masks) to ensure both your safety and ours.

Will my bread stay fresh in the bag if I can’t get it immediately?

Our Blutobags are designed to keep the bread fresh and clean. They are waterproof and airtight, so you can be sure your bread will be protected from the rain, humidity, foxes, you name it! However, we advise you to choose a time slot close to your return, so it can be as fresh as possible when you enjoy it.

Will my bread be as fresh as possible?

It is literally going from the oven to your doorstep. As we want you to enjoy the best possible product, we pick up the bread directly from the oven at the beginning of every shift. It is still warm when we load it, and we use a container to keep it warm. If you have a recurring delivery and have opted for the drop-off option, your bread will be packed in our waterproof Blutobag to keep it fresh until you pick it up.

Where does the bread come from?

We are extremely proud and pleased to be working with the artisan baker José Martin from La Boulangerie Robuchon. They offer quality like none other in town and bake their bread continually so it is fresh whenever you choose to have it delivered.

Where can I find the allergens?

You can find the allergens of all our products under the products descriptions on the homepage. Please note that all our products may contain traces of nuts, and that the gluten free bread may contain traces of gluten and is thus not suitable for coeliacs.

How long in advance can I order?

Baking bread is a long process and we need to know in advance how much we need to produce. That is why you will be able to order until 10am the day before delivery.

Can I edit an order?

You will be able to edit your one-off order until 10am the day before delivery.

You can edit recurring deliveries at any time, but the change will not affect the following day’s order if it is after 10am (e.g. if you edit your order at 11am on a Sunday and have a delivery on Monday, the change will not be effective for Monday’s basket).

Will I be able to skip recurring deliveries?

You can pause your recurring delivery from your dashboard or your account page. Simply click on the pause button, key in your departure and your return date and we will do the rest.

I want to resume my recurring delivery before my return date

Unfortunately you can’t. The reason we need a return date is to make sure that we keep your time slots safe until you come back so that nobody can create an order that could disrupt our route and prevent us from delivering your bread in time. But you can still create one-off orders until your recurring delivery starts again.

Can I have more than one order at once? (If I already have a recurring order, can I also book a one-off delivery?)

Of course! You can have as many one-off orders as you want in addition to your recurring delivery.

What will happen if I am unable to collect my order?

You forgot to pause your recurring order while you are away, or didn’t hear us knock on your door? Don't worry, this happens! If that’s the case, you will not be charged and will send an email or SMS notifying you of the missed delivery.

What if it happens a second time in a row?

We will then contact you directly to ask if you wish to pause or stop your recurring delivery, but you will be charged this time. If we are unable to contact you we will cancel your deliveries.

I want to receive bread again

No problem at all – just log back in to your account and create a new recurring delivery or one-off order. But bear in mind your time slots might be full this time.

What is the maximum basket size?

You can order up to 10 items for each product. If you wish to place a large order, please use the contact form or contact us at contact@bluto.co.uk.

When am I charged?

For a one-off order you will be charged the day preceding delivery.

For recurring deliveries you will be charged every two weeks for the deliveries that have already happened.

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