Take advantage of a discounted selection of viennoiseries until the end of the month!

Recurring order

The recurring order is our subscription mode especially designed for bread delivery. It has never been as easy and convenient to get bakery products delivered!

5% discount

On your overall basket

No engagement

Edit, pause, cancel any time

Drop-off option

No need to answer the door

Secured slot

Always be delivered when you want

Loyalty rewards

Products & vouchers

Exclusive offers

Early access to new products

Set it up in 3 simple steps…



Enter your start date, delivery method and days of the week you wish to be delivered



Select your hourly time slot and create a fully customisable basket for each day



Check if everything is good, click order, and you’re all set! We’ll take care of the rest for you.

…and manage it freely

Access from your dashboard all the features you need to manage your recurring order as you see fit.


You can change anything you want (products, days, time slots) until 10am the day before delivery.

Add extra products

Hosting a special event? You can update a single delivery and add products to a specific date.

Mockup of the user dashboard of Bluto


Going away for a while? You can pause your recurring order for a given period of time, and we’ll keep your time slots safe when you come back.


One of our promises is no engagement. You can stop your recurring order at any time.

Check your postcode and register

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